Guidance for clinicians to provide optimal personalized treatment and enhance the quality of life of cancer patients

At Protyon, we aim to change the way cancer is treated by
providing science–based
therapy advice for hospital clinicians.

Cancer treatment is expensive and, sadly, it is in most cases effective only for a short time.

Very often mutations emerge and lead to progression of the disease and a need for new therapy.

Without a clear lead on which treatment to select, the medical decision is based on an educated trial and error approach.

At Protyon, we want to change that and boost knowledge guided therapy selection for each individual patient.

Protyon offers a software solution for hospital oncology boards to provide crucial advice on the best personalized treatment options for each individual patient.

In our pilot study, we have supported clinicians and analysed over 500 cases that resulted in an improvement of the quality of life, and an increase of the life expectancy of the patients overall.


We want to give cancer patients another chance through better treatment.

We want to provide research-based precision tools for medical decisions.

We want to help patients to better understand their disease and treatment.


Protyon provides expert advice to support guided choice of individual therapy.

We are establishing personalised treatment for each patient.

Our approach increases life expectancy, lowers the burden on health care and saves costs and reduces waste of ineffective medications.


We construct a digital 3D model of the cancer drivers from the patient's molecular fingerprint.

We then use the molecular models to test available therapies in a computer and analyze their efficacy to stop the cancer.